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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GlaxoSmithKline to Buy Stake in Intercell AG

GlaxoSmithKline Plc will buy a stake in Austria’s Intercell AG in a move that analysts said underscores drugmakers’ growing interest in vaccines. Glaxo will pay 33.6 million euros ($49.5 million) as part of the alliance to develop and market Intercell’s needle-free, patch-based immunizations for traveler’s diarrhea and pandemic influenza. The London-based drugmaker also will buy as much as 5 percent of Intercell for up to 84 million euros via a staggered shareholding option, the companies said in a statement today.

XTractor Premium - A Platform for discovery, knowledge sharing, analysis and modelling of published biomedical facts.

Friday, December 11, 2009

World's fastest growing Semantic discovery & Expert Curated Knowledgebase platform crosses 500,000 biomedical facts now

Indian Life Sciences Informatics Company, Molecular Connections announced today, that their XTractor Premium platform now has more that 503,985 "Expert" annotated biomedical facts from literature and is the fastest growing knowledgebase currently.

XTractor Premium platform is Fast Becoming the definitive Semantic Knowledge discovery & Expert curated Knowledgebase for Life Science Researchers. The XTractor Premium Knowledgebase in addition to more than 503,985 relationships on proteins, drugs, biological process and diseases has advanced semantic search, concept linking analytics for effective knowledge discovery and modeling.

XTractor Premium provides Precision based mining of the most relevant facts. Compared to natural language processing engines, manual annotation approach reduces false positives rate by 12-35%.

XTractor premium serves as a platform to stay current with weekly updates from PubMed. Provides “Topic Tracking” with email alerts on specific biological entities of interest via the “Watch List” feature.

The Highlights

Semantic Search: The first of its kind highly advanced search feature, where in one could query the XTractor Premium Knowledgebase using multiple ontologies. This would enable you to narrow down on your targets at ease.

Concept Linking: Our advanced query feature would enable you to make assumptions from multiple abstracts, and discover facts, which are hitherto not published.

Bibliographic search: Search based on author, organization, affiliation or country.

Save Export and Visualize: Save and export the data in user-friendly formats, also XTractor Premium is made compatible with CytoScape - so one can visualize the networks rendered using a in-house CytoScape plug-in.

Web based and onsite installation available

To know more about the advantages of the XTractor Premium and to register for a free trial account and a webex demo please visit XTractor Premium portal

About XTractor Premium Knowledgebase
XTractor knowledgebase currently contains 503,985 relationships on biomarkers, clinical trials, pathways, knockout studies, mutations, drug interactions, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, disease mechanisms. It is the Only Knowledgebase that gets updated everyday with manually annotated relationships from the latest PubMed publications and contains more than more than 1,269 Unique Drugs, 3,602 Unique Diseases, 11,407 Unique Proteins, and 3,266 Unique Biological Processes. Hence in no time one gets to access one of the largest and the most current manually annotated datasets across the world.

About Molecular Connections
Molecular Connections is a pioneering In silico Discovery Services Company. It provides high quality, cost effective curation, literature informatics solutions and annotation services as well as products. Dr. Limsoon Wong is the Chairman of Molecular Connections. Customers of Molecular Connections include leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology, drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, medical technology, equipment companies and academic institutions spanning across the globe. In addition, Molecular Connections has powerful tool development, database integration, effective data visualization capabilities, specific expertise in building knowledge bases for rapidly growing needs in, ADME Tox, clinical, drugs, chemistry and patent industries. For more information write to us at

Recent Awards
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Winners |Deloitte Technology Fast 500 APAC Winners |CNBC - ICICI Emerging India Awards ‘Small Enterprise of the Year’

XTractor Premium - A Platform for discovery, knowledge sharing, analysis and modelling of published biomedical facts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bangalore unveils new BT policy

In effort to make Karnataka Biotechnology Capital of Asia, the State government, on Wednesday, launched ‘Millennium Biotech policy II’ a successor to Biotech Policy issued of 2001.

Releasing the policy, Principal Secretary IT, BT S&T Ashok Kumar Manoli said the new policy will provide all fiscal incentives and concessions under Karnataka Industry policy 2009-14 to bio technology industry and the R&D centres.

Biotech organisations will get incentives including a subsidy of 50 per cent for setting up effluent treatment plants. The financial incentives includes assistance for patent tracking and patent registration.

According to the new policy biotech will be treated as special industrial consumers and provided with dedicated power lines that are exempt from power cuts. It also assures power connection to biotech companies within 10 days of applications. Bioinforamtics companies that use up to 50 KVA power will be permitted to be established without any local restrictions. The Biotech unit will be exempted from electricity duty of 100 per cent.

The government also express its commitment and importance of creating a start up ecosystem and the government will encourage setting up of venture capital funds for biotech industries called KBIO-Ven fund of Rs 50 crore. Companies with focused area on transgenics, stem cell biology, bio manufacturing and other social relevance will be eligible for funding.

A separate fund of Rs 15-20 crore will be used to issue grants in the range of Rs 10-20 lakh for firms that translate research to commercial projects. The government will also offer tillable agricultural land of 15-20 acres of land and solely for agriculture related bio tech field trials and experiments for a period of 35 years. All R&D labs will be automatically come under the green category, and omitted from pollution control board permission for setting up labs.

The government will set up ten BT finishing school selected by vision group. The government will provide financial support to the schools to set up lab instruments and other technology related gadgets to train students. It will also provide specific infrastructure for the development of biotechnology. This includes promoting of Hi-tech bio tech park in the state. A 106 acre Biotech park Bangalore Helix is coming up in Electronic City. A Bio-IT park in a 100 acre plant in Ramanagaram is also planned.

Click here for the Policy. Note: File size - 18 mb

XTractor Premium - A Platform for discovery, knowledge sharing, analysis and modelling of published biomedical facts.

Life Science and Informatics

What is this?
is this a new industry?
or a old wine in a new bottle?

Well Life Sciences and Informatics can be anything form computational biology, all omes and omics, core bioinformatics to curation and literature mining, database creation, in the area of biology, chemistry , bio-chem space.

There are number of companies in India and bangalore is the forefront as a major bio-cluster with 20 to 30 companies in this sphere.

now how good are these companies doing?
how good are they in terms of the international markets and how profitable is their business?
what do they do?
their clients?

These are some interesting things that could be discussed in this blog page...

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