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Friday, November 23, 2012

The latest and the Complete Genomics Saga

BGI-Shenzhen today said that it has extended its offer to acquire Complete Genomics for around $118 million until midnight New York City time on Dec. 14.

BGI's tender offer to acquire all of the shares of Complete Genomics was previously scheduled to expire today. As of the close of business last night approximately 15.4 million shares of Complete Genomics' common stock, or 44 percent of its outstanding shares, were tendered and not withdrawn.

The extension of the offer last night coincided with a letter Illumina sent to Complete Genomics' board of directors urging them to reconsider Illumina's offer to acquire the firm for around $123 million. Earlier this week Illumina confirmed that it had made an unsolicited offer of $3.30 per share to acquire Complete Genomics. That offer is 5 percent higher than the price agreed between BGI and Complete Genomics.

Complete Genomics turned down Illumina's offer saying that it would likely be turned down by regulators and didn't constitute a superior offer.

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Complete Genomics Saga extended story

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bioinformatics in Your Pocket

Wow this an interesting article enjoy it!

With the increasing ubiquity of smartphones, the growing popularity of tablets, and the burgeoning market for third-party applications, the public appetite for touchscreen technology is virtually impossible to ignore. It shouldn't, then, surprise anyone that bioinformatics software developers would look for ways to tap into the multi-touch market.
But it's not just about making sure that download tallies are going up. In fact, some life science application developers say they dipped into the app space out of sheer curiosity more than anything else.
"For us, it was an experiment," says Andrew Su, an associate professor at the Scripps Research Institute. His laboratory developed an application called BioGPS, a mobile version of his group's web-based gene annotation portal, which runs on Apple's iPhone.
"We imagined that somebody in a meeting or a seminar or at a conference who needed quick access to some gene-centric information would use the BioGPS app," he says.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Accelrys Adds Another Scientific Software Company to Its Portfolio

Courtesy Xconomy
After merging with Symyx Technologies in 2010, acquiring Contur Sofware in 2011, and buying VelQuest earlier this year, San Diego scientific software developer Accelrys says today it is buying Aegis Analytical.
Accelrys is paying $30 million in cash for Aegis, a company based in Lafayette, CO, (near Boulder) that makes software used to monitor biotech product development and manufacturing processes. In a statement today, Accelrys says the deal helps to further expand its suite of software used to manage the life cycle of innovation among pharmaceutical companies and in other industries.
Aegis has about 40 full-time and contract employees, and “the idea is to keep the business in Boulder and fairly intact,” Accelrys CFO Michael Piraino told me during a phone interview earlier this afternoon. Aegis CEO Robert Di Scipio will stay with the merged company through the transition to new ownership.
About two-thirds of Accelrys’ customers are pharmaceutical and biotech companies, according to Piraino. The company also provides its software-as-a-service to customers specializing in oil & gas development, cleantech, food and beverage, and other industries.
The company’s statement quotes Accelrys CEO Max Carnecchia as saying, “The industries we serve are undergoing significant changes, requiring them to move from a status quo approach to one that breaks down the barriers to operational excellence, innovation productivity and global competitiveness.”
Accelrys says companies that operate in regulated environments are finding it difficult to manage complex manufacturing in real-time because they’re relying on paper notebooks and other outmoded tools to monitor R&D, quality assurance, and other industrial processes.
Accelrys says addressing such problems requires a global and holistic approach that enables businesses to predict, prevent, and solve problems throughout product development, quality control, and manufacturing process. Accelrys says that without the kind of cloud-based software it provides, companies risk compromising the quality of their products, falling out of regulatory compliance, slowing operations and increasing commercialization costs. Bruce V. Bigelow is the editor of Xconomy San Diego. You can e-mail him at

Data manager in computational material science


Tilde (wwwtilda, ~) is a data manager in cheminformatics and computational material science. The nowadays situation in these disciplines with a plenty of incompatible data formats is rather confusing. Furthermore a new approach to the scientific data verification and exchange is desired because the traditional peer-reviewed journals and their supplementary materials sections do not solve this task properly.
Therefore Tilde aims to simplify data processing and exchanging for the scientists, dealing with popular computer simulation packages in material science (e.g. VASPCRYSTALWIEN2K etc). Now the text outputs of these programs can be collected, and the calculated results therein can be visualized. The example focus is on phonon properties of the crystalline materials: vibrational spectra, band structures, densities of states, vibrational patterns visualization etc.
Moreover Tilde acts as an infrastructure for user's own scripts and applications, organizing them under single hood and assisting to pipe data throughout them. The third-party scripts and programs so could be easily integrated in Tilde with its application programming interface (API).

 Technical details

Tilde is a client-server application. Usually for a client side of such applications one needs a web-browser as a user interface, while a server side resides somewhere remotely in the cloud.
Tilde however lives totally at the user own computer acting as a small local web-server. All user private data are therefore stored securely on a local computer. Tilde web-server generates a website with a snapshot of user calculations and modelling results. This website is protected by operating system and only available to current user, though he or she is able to share some of the results with others (see below). Tilde is written in Python programming language and therefore highly portable, the same code is used on board of Windows, Linux and Apple machines.
Pic. 1. Software architecture (red are supported programming languages, product names and tech standards are underlined)
Tilde is a networking application meaning the different running copies of it can communicate with each other located on different computers over the Internet. So its participants can connect and exchange data, compare their calculations and find out bugs together in modelling programs that they use for own data-mining.
Tilde was inspired by torrents, Skype and jabber applications. Their common feature is a peer-to-peer distributed syndication. So Tilde tries to adopt this idea to a data exchange in a scope of scientific problems, namely, computational modelling in physics and chemistry.


The server side of Tilde is written in Python which generally speaking means it is able to run everywhere, on Windows, Unix, MacOS, Symbian computers and others where Python interpreter is implemented. It actually has been tested only on Windows 7, Windows XP and UNIX Debian though.
The client side of Tilde runs in any modern HTML5 web-browser (normally, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). Flash and Java plugins are not required.


Tilde has MIT-license. This means everybody is welcomed to use it for own needs or modify and adopt its source code.


Demo is actually running on a virtual Linux machine, which was kindly provided by Peterhof Telecommunication Center of St.Petersburg State University


Tilde is a young actively developing project. API and networking features are not completed until now, so the sophisticated users are advised to wait for a stable release. For an early development code summary please refer to the downloads section. Have a look at the flyer therein as well:

Relative projects

Not only Tilde represents the need for a new instrument in scientific data management, manipulation and exchange. For example, other projects are:
Not a secret that the world wide web itself was initiated as a mean of data exchange in the scientific community. The concept of a hyperlink came from scientific publications, being a way to reference the output of other scientists in the field. In this sense the principle of open data, open source scientific code and open standards is crucial. It is declared by an initiative group with a symbolic name Blue Obelisk (

Friday, May 18, 2012

Agilent to Acquire Dako for $2.2 Billion Acquisition is Next Step in Agilent's Growing Role in Clinical Diagnostics

Dako is one of the leading global providers of cancer diagnostics tools.

--Acquisition will strategically complement Agilent's research technologies and will accelerate growth in rapidly expanding segments of diagnostic markets.

--Significantly increases base of recurring revenues.

--All-cash deal is largest in Agilent's history.

Expected to be immediately accretive to Agilent earnings on a non-GAAP basis.
Agilent Technologies Inc. and EQT, the Sweden-based private equity group, today announced the execution of a definitive agreement for Agilent to acquire Dako, the Denmark-based cancer diagnostic company. The $2.2 billion acquisition (on a debt-free basis) is the largest in Agilent's history.

Dako's products are sold in more than 100 countries, and in 2010 its annual revenue was approximately $340 million (USD). The company employs more than 1,000 people, primarily in Denmark, in Carpinteria, Calif., and other parts of the world. The acquisition is expected to close within the next 60 days, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening for freshers

Dhathri Ayurveda Private Ltd houses branded consumer goods like Dhathri Hair care herbal oil, Dhathri fairness facepack, Dheedhi Shampoo etc and has evolved into an household name in the Ayurveda segment in a short span of 6 years. Dhathri, with its range of 25 ayurveda products and has won the trust of millions across the world. The products are prepared under stringent quality control and the ingredients sourced from traditional herbal gardens and untouched mountain range
Post : R and D Scientist
No of opening : 3
Experience : 0 to 5 years
Job Description :Following are the Openings with Dhathri Group for its R&D Department.
  • Research Associate- Stability Study - (1 Year Experience in Stability Analysis)
  • Pharmacology - (2Years related Experience in Ayurveda Field)
  • Jr.Scientist - Food & Drug Formaulation - (3Years Expereince in Capsule,Tablet,oinment and Food Formulation)
Educational Qualification : M.Sc - Bio-Chemistry, Botany
Location : Ernakulam
Contact Details :Executive Name : Jayesh.S.V
Contact Company : Dhathri Ayurveda Pvt Ltd
Address : 39/172,Adappilly Rd,
Ernakulam, Kerala,India 682030
Email Address :
Deadline : 30.04.12

Shantani is a research based Biotechnology company and leaders in the field of chemical proteomics. Shantani strives for continuous excellence in developing cutting-edge technologies to probe the biological systems and in generating information useful for the development of novel medicines. Shantani’s technologies are offered as services to drug discovery companies and are utilized internally to advance Shantani’s own drug discovery efforts. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to join our efforts of value creation as “Research Associate”
Job Description :1. Developing novel protocols for biomolecular conjugation
2. Innovating affinity chromatography based protein separation methods
3. Continuously advancing methodologies for protein identification
4. Conducting protocol based experiments
5. Documenting experimental outcomes to finest details
Preferred Qualification :1. Appetite for high-quality scientific research
2. Four year undergraduate or a five year master’s degree in chemistry / Biochemistry
3. ‘Let’s learn, solve & have fun’ attitude
Application Procedure : Write why you think you should be considered for the position and send it to along with your Curricular-Vitae / Resume.
Close Date : April 30th 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

ISS Sides With Illumina, Recommends Rejecting Roche

This is getting interesting every day! I love this Idea! sell a company but before selling it split or spin off as another company with a future technology (Illumina). After a few years again sell or get acquired!

Citing vast future potential, ISS has sided with Illumina in the gene-sequencing company’s fight to hold off a hostile bid from Roche Holding.
The proxy advisor says shareholders should vote the Illumina board back into service, and reject Roche’s slate because the offer probably undervalues the future of Illumina.
Roche last week raised its offer for Illumina to $51 a share from $44.50, and called it fair and full. But Illumina shares immediately went above $51, and some in the market have pointed to $60 as the number to get the deal done.
Illumina rejected the offer, citing a report that compared the company to Apple and Illumina’s products to iPads. The company has argued that Roche’s bid came just after Illumina’s own shares had cratered on a bad quarter and that the Swiss drug giant was making an opportunistic bid to get the future of medicine on the cheap.
ISS agrees with that assessment. In a report, the advisor questions Roche’s use of a valuation tied to Illumina’s earnings, even as Roche calls it a historically high offer.
“As healthy as the current business and cash flows are, no one— Roche or public market investors—is interested in buying Illumina for its earning potential in the next twelve months, or on the strength of its earnings history over the last twelve months,” ISS writes.
ISS also applauded the actions of Illumina’s board, saying it had properly resisted the bid. The report says Illumina’s move to speed up the annual meeting for a shareholder vote “suggest confidence in the integrity” of its own positions.
The annual meeting vote is in two weeks, meaning there is still time for more letters and enthusiastic comments before this comes to a boil. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

National Conference/Workshop "Search for Antimalarials:Mechanism Based Approach"

National Conference-cum-Workshop on "Search for Antimalarials:Mechanism Based Approach"
27th - 29th April, 2012

The workshop will cover the following topics

  • Malaria Genomics/Proteomics
  • Malaria Vaccine Development
  • Current scenario of Malaria Drug Development
  • Drug Target Validation and Proritization
  • Structural Bioinformatcs/chemoinformatics
  • Malaria Drug Target Database Development
  • Target  Based Drug Designing
  • Target-drug interaction mapping
  • 3DQSAR and Pharmacophore Design
  • Antimalarial Database Development

All correspondence for the National Conference cum workshop should be addressed to :
Dr. Naidu Subbarao
School of Computational and Integrative Sciences
Hall No. 6, Lecture Hall Complex
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New JNU Campus, New Delhi 110 067 /

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drug Safety Associate position @ Avesthagen

Avesthagen- a life science company in Bangalore has an opening for Drug Safety Associate. 

   - Experience : 0 to 3 yrs
   - Job description : Database programmer will develop complex edit
   checks based on study requirements & Programming of complex edit checks,
   including cross-form edit checks, in order to identify discrepancies in the
   data recorded on CRFs and on eCRFs 

   - Salary : Best in the Industry
   - Education : M.Sc - Biology, M.Tech - Bio-Chemistry/Bio-Technology, Biomedical Science 

Send your CV to:, 

Deadline : 22.04.12 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Disulphide Redox Metabolic Database of genus Listeria

Listeria TDRM Database Please keep your comments and suggestions flowing in

The genus Listeria consists of a group of gram-positive bacteria of low G+C content closely related to Bacillus, Clostridium, Enterococcus, Streptococcus, and StaphylococcusListeria spp. are facultative anaerobic rods of 0.4 by 1 to 1.5 ┬Ám that do not form spores, have no capsule and are motile at 10 to 25°C. Listeria spp. is isolated from a diversity of environmental sources, including soil, water, effluents, a large variety of foods, and the feces of humans and animals. The genus Listeria currently includes eight species: L. monocytogenesL. ivanoviiL. seeligeri,L.rocourtiaceL. innocuaL. welshimeriL. marthii and L. grayi. Two of these species L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii are potentially pathogenic. The infectious disease caused by these bacteria is known as listeriosis. L. monocytogenes causes serious localized and generalized infections in humans and a variety of other vertebrates, including domesticated and wild birds and mammals. Human cases of L. ivanovii infection are rare the vast majority of reported isolations of this species being from abortions, stillbirths and neonatal septicemias in sheep and cattle. A third species L. seeligeri is considered nonpathogenic. Recently L. grayi DSM 20601 has been reportedinfectious to immmunocompromised patients.

Synthesis of glutathione a low-molecular-weight peptide thiol was thought to occur solely through the consecutive action of two physically separate enzymes, gamma-glutamylcysteine ligase and glutathione synthetase. But it has been identified that L. monocytogenes contains a novel multidomain protein (termed GshF) that carries out complete synthesis of glutathione. It is a 776 amino acid fusion protein and fusion occurs in 338 to 580 amino acids.It is coded by the gene Lmo 2770 in L. monocytogenes.

Thiol:disulfide redox metabolism (TDRM) is a central metabolic network in all living cells. In L.monocytogenes, we have identified 26 genes that belong thiol disulphide network. L. monocytogenes-Thiol: Disulphide Redox Metabolism database provides information on Thiol disulphide redox gene and gene products. This database also provides information about the Gene and Domain Annotation, Clustering, Structure Details. TDRM analysis gives detailed analysis of the similar cluster of these TDRM genes across bacterial species consisting 82 bacterial strains. With the help genome browser, user can view the TDRM genes on the genomic scale and analyze the same.

  1. Understanding TDRM genes on the genomic scale with reference to other GshF containing bacteria
  2. Finding the genes which have probable role in thiolomics in L. monocytogenes EGD-e
  3. Genetic context of the relevant genes in Listeria with other bacteria and their annotations

Monday, March 19, 2012

Microbial Genomes Curator @ Computercraft Corporation--Maryland (US)

Microbial Genomes Curator @ Computercraft Corporation--Maryland (US). Submitted by Computercraft Corporation; posted on Saturday, March 17, 2012

Computercraft seeks a microbiologist to work with a team of software developers and biologists on microbial genome analysis including pan-genome, protein clusters, phylogenetic tree and more. This is a technically challenging position requiring experience in genome sequencing and annotation. A background in comparative genome analysis such as alignments and tree building is a plus.

Our scientists work with genomic experts at the NIH's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) to create and enhance a suite of databases and tools available to researchers worldwide. Teamwork interaction and excellent organizational skills are essential for this detail-oriented position, as is scientific problem-solving with a results-oriented focus.

* PhD in molecular biology, microbiology, or related field
* Experience in genome sequencing and annotation
* Familiarity with BLAST, genome browser, and genome assembly data
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as organizational skills
* Strong interest in contributing to the development of public database resources

Other Desirable Skills:
* Programming experience with LINUX/UNIX
* Scripting experience in PERL or related scripting languages

Computercraft offers a competitive salary and an excellent benefits package including PPO health insurance with 100% company paid premiums, 401K program with matching, paid time off and holiday pay, life insurance, flexible spending and disability coverage. We offer an excellent work life balance with a standard 40 hour work week and the chance to work alongside accomplished scientists at NIH/NCBI.

To apply for this position or learn about other Computercraft job opportunities, please visit the Careers section of our website:

Computercraft is an equal opportunity employer.

Post Doctoral Fellow in Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance project at NII, New Delhi

Applications are invited for the post of Post Doctoral Fellow for the following time-bound sponsored project as per the details given below:
Post : Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Consolidated fellowship : As per terms governed by the Wellcome trust DBT India Alliance and National Institute of Immunology (a Minimum of Rs. 40,000/- per month). 
  • Project title : Exploring the role of a developmental regulator in inflammatory immune response under Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance
Essential Qualification : a. Must hold a Ph.D Degree (not awarded before 2009), or must already have submitted their thesis towards obtaining a Ph.D degree from a reputed Institute.
b. Must have more than Five years of research Experience.
c.  Must have proven research expertise/skills in basic biochemistry, cell biology and Molecular Biology, Research Expertise in in vivo animal work is also preferred.
d. Must have one publication as first author, in international journal, preferably with impact factor above 2.5.
e. Must have basic theoretical knowledge in the area such as cell signalling, inflammation, Immunology.
  • Job description/Experience : The Candidate is ready to explore alteration in the host cell signalling and transcription network in response to pathogenic perturbations. The Candidate should have sound technical skills in cell culture and biochemistry and should have working theoretical knowledge in cell signalling. The candidate must have a Ph.D Degree (or must have submitted his/her thesis towards obtaining a Ph.D degree) and more than 5 years of experience in research laboratories. 
Duration : 30.11.2015
PI : Dr. Soumen Basak |  
How to Apply :Interested candidates may apply directly, STRICTLY IN THE PRESCRIBED FORMAT GIVEN ON WEBSITE through e-mail, to the Investigator of the project, clearly indicating the name of the project along with their complete C.V., e-mail id, fax numbers, telephone numbers. Short listed candidates will be required to submit attested copies of all their certificates and a Demand Draft of  Rs 100/- drawn on Canara Bank or Indian Bank payable at Delhi / New Delhi in favour of the Director, NII (SC / ST and PH candidates are exempted  subject to submission of documentary proof), at the time of interview.
Deadline : 28.03.12

Friday, March 16, 2012

Freshers in BioChemistry/ Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics as Research Associate at Bigene Technologies, TN

Bigene Technologies in Trichy requires fresher candidate for Research Associate in Bioinformatics
Post : Research Associate
No of Opening : One
Experience : 0 to 1 yrs
Job Desciption : The bioinformatics team is seeking an energetic, creative and detail oriented
research associate. The cart informatics and statistical tools to analyze the data. Ability to quickly grasp mathematical concepts an essential. The candidate will spend significant time interacting with life scientists in multiple disease areas.
Salary : INR 1,50,000 – 3,00,000 P.A
Education : M.Sc – Bio-Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics
Desirable :1. Candidate should have basic knowledge in computer programming
2. Good written and presentation skills required
3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills combined with superior and proven track record of technical. Must be able to work in team oriented environment and demonstrate attension to detail and record keeping.
Location : Trichy
Contact Details :Executive Name : Jaganathan M. P.
Contact Company : Bigene Technologies
Email Address :
Deadline : 27.03.12

Bioinformatics Bacterial Identification Tool

    BIBI automates DNA sequence analysis for bacterial identification in
    the clinical field. BIBI relies on the use of BLAST and CLUSTAL W
    programs applied to different subsets of sequences extracted from
    GenBank. These sequences are filtered and stored in a new database,
    which is adapted to bacterial identification.

    For further details refer : lebibi/lebibi.cgi

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bioprocessing in Biotechnology – Short Term Training Course (STTC) at KCT, Coimbatore

The Department of Biotechnology, Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT), Coimbatore, is organizing a DBT-sponsored short-term training course (STTC) for teachers involved in teaching life sciences and biotechnology for 14 days from 26 April to 9 May 2012.
The course consists of lectures by Guest Faculty from premier research institutions/universities followed by practical/hands-on training sessions in ratio of 30 : 70.
Candidates holding regular positions in private or govt-aided or govt colleges or university colleges or research institutions are eligible to apply. The application has to be sponsored by the Head of the colleges/institutions/universities. However, 25% of the teachers from govt-aided or govt colleges or university colleges will be paid TA as per institutional rules.
Applications may be sent to The Course Director stating:
1. Name and address for communication (e-mail id, mobile and phone numbers)
2. Educational qualifications and teaching/research experience
3. Present and future research interests (250 words)
Last date for receipt of filled-in application is 25 March 2012. Short-listed applicants will be intimated confirmation on 26 March 2012.
Course Director: Dr P. Ramalingam, Associate Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, KCT, Coimbatore 641 049; Mobile: 098659 23055; e-mail ID:

Life Science and Informatics

What is this?
is this a new industry?
or a old wine in a new bottle?

Well Life Sciences and Informatics can be anything form computational biology, all omes and omics, core bioinformatics to curation and literature mining, database creation, in the area of biology, chemistry , bio-chem space.

There are number of companies in India and bangalore is the forefront as a major bio-cluster with 20 to 30 companies in this sphere.

now how good are these companies doing?
how good are they in terms of the international markets and how profitable is their business?
what do they do?
their clients?

These are some interesting things that could be discussed in this blog page...

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