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Friday, November 21, 2008

Position open Group Leader - Bioinformatics/Systems Biology

The Computational Biology Unit (CBU) has been established to conduct top-level European research in bioinformatics, and to serve functional genomics research in Norway with relevant training and services.

CBU is searching for an additional group leader. The group leader will carry out research in the field of computational biology/bioinformatics and contribute to the overall objectives of CBU. The group leader should have a PhD and post-doctoral experience including a solid publication record in a relevant subject. Candidates will be evaluated with emphasis on their ability to raise external funding and to supervise and carry out research projects. The research profile of the candidate should be within a relevant area for CBU. Candidates with profiles in direction of systems biology will be preferred. The group leader will direct a research group consisting of Ph.D. and post-doctoral scientists.

The CBU and its partners currently have bioinformatics research activities in the fields of protein biophysics, molecular modeling and protein dynamics, transcriptional regulation microarray and proteomics bioinformatics, and genome assembly and annotation. Activity has been initiated towards integrative bioinformatics and systems biology. There are excellent opportunities for collaboration with the molecular biological and biomedical as well as mathematical and informatics research groups in Bergen.

CBU is part of Bergen Center for Computational Science (BCCS) and located together with the Department for Informatics, the Molecular Biology Department and the SARS Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, a partner of EMBL. BCCS owns and operates large scale computing facilities that provide an excellent computational environment. CBU is partner in the Molecular and Computational Biology research school ( CBU is coordinating the bioinformatics technology platform for the national functional genomics programme (FUGE) in Norway.

Salary and professional resources are internationally competitive. Please send your CV, your ten most relevant publications, and a detailed statement of research interests to Professor Inge Jonassen (, head of the CBU. Evaluation of applications will commence January 4th 2009 and continue until a suitable candidate has been identified. For more information about CBU, please refer to, or contact Inge Jonassen.

Inge Jonassen, PhD
Department of Informatics and
Computational Biology Unit, BCCS
University of Bergen
No5020 Bergen

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Life Science and Informatics

What is this?
is this a new industry?
or a old wine in a new bottle?

Well Life Sciences and Informatics can be anything form computational biology, all omes and omics, core bioinformatics to curation and literature mining, database creation, in the area of biology, chemistry , bio-chem space.

There are number of companies in India and bangalore is the forefront as a major bio-cluster with 20 to 30 companies in this sphere.

now how good are these companies doing?
how good are they in terms of the international markets and how profitable is their business?
what do they do?
their clients?

These are some interesting things that could be discussed in this blog page...

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