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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

XTractor Premium surpasses 200,000 mark of Expert Annotated PubMed Facts

Indian Life Sciences Informatics Company, Molecular Connections announced today, that their XTractor Premium platform surpasses 200,000 "Expert" annotated facts from PubMed.

XTractor Premium – is a platform for discovery, analysis and modeling of published biomedical facts. The application also comes with - XTractor Premium Knowledgebase - the only knowledgebase, which provides "Expert" annotated facts from PubMed on a daily basis. The XTractor Premium Knowledgebase now has more than 202,847 relationships on proteins, drugs, biological process and diseases and is ever growing with more than 600 relationships being added every single day. XTractor provides manually categorized updates on the latest published facts from PubMed for more than 20 categories which include : Biomarkers, clinical trials, dosage, pathways, toxicology, RNAi studies, mutations, knockouts, diseases mechanisms, protein- drug relationships and much more.

Expert Annotated Facts make XTractor Premium a High Quality Knowledgebase and the vast coverage of all biological entities wrapped with in intuitive and analytical software allows researchers more time for science and eliminates the need to consult BioIT experts.

The entities are out linked to over 30 different public databases such as patent databases, wikipedia, clinical trials, and other protein/drug databases.

With XTractor Premium one can,

· Quickly access relevant, high quality expert annotated biomedical facts

· Understand multiple target preferences for a specific drug

· Track common gene polymorphisms across multiple diseases

· Understand Pharmacologic actions, protein interactions and toxicity studies of drugs

And for more, please visit the case study section.

About XTractor Premium

The Knowledgebase: XTractor knowledgebase currently contains 202,847 relationships on biomarkers, clinical trials, pathways, knockout studies, mutations, drug interactions, toxicity, pharmacokinetics, disease mechanisms. It is the Only Knowledgebase that gets updated everyday with manually annotated relationships from the latest PubMed publications and contains more than 856 Unique Drugs, 2569 Unique Diseases, 9286 Unique Proteins, and 2102 Unique Biological Processes. Hence in no time one gets to access one of the largest and the most current manually annotated datasets across the world.

To know more about the advantages of the XTractor Premium and to register for a free trial account and a webex demo please visit XTractor Premium portal

XTractor Premium - A Platform for discovery, knowledge sharing, analysis and modelling of published biomedical facts.

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