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Friday, March 19, 2010

Science jobs from Polyclone Bioservices Pvt. Ltd.

Science jobs from Polyclone Bioservices Pvt. Ltd.


Designation: Scientist (Bioinformatics)
Qualifications: M.Sc/ PhD
Experience: 0 – 1 yrs


• Candidates will have strong knowledge using–and coding functionality that
interacts with–public nucleotide and protein sequence databases, sequence
alignment software, and related computational genomic resources.

• Strong background in sequence analysis, genome annotation, analysis of
gene or protein expression, protein structure or docking prediction,
comparative genomics is a must. A broad knowledge of statistics and
statistical methods used in analyzing genomics data is preferred.


• C# under the .Net Framework as well as Perl.
• Knowledge of the R\Bioconductor programming language
• Strong background in multi-univariate and Bayesian statistics, and some
experience in machine-learning techniques (SVM, NN).
• We welcome expertise in Python, Bioperl, Ruby, Java, C++/C, and Matlab
• Understanding of scientific workflows, laboratory instrument interactions
and scientific data
• Ability to discuss informatics software specifically, bioinformatics,
chemo informatics,LIMS, SDMS, other Life Science analytical applications, at
varying levels of detail
• Ability to gather market / prospect requirements and scientific use cases
and contribute to effective implementation of scientific use cases in
complex data environments
• Writing research papers, posters, participation in conferences seminars


Note: Application expires on 28th April,2010


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