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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Accelrys Adds Another Scientific Software Company to Its Portfolio

Courtesy Xconomy
After merging with Symyx Technologies in 2010, acquiring Contur Sofware in 2011, and buying VelQuest earlier this year, San Diego scientific software developer Accelrys says today it is buying Aegis Analytical.
Accelrys is paying $30 million in cash for Aegis, a company based in Lafayette, CO, (near Boulder) that makes software used to monitor biotech product development and manufacturing processes. In a statement today, Accelrys says the deal helps to further expand its suite of software used to manage the life cycle of innovation among pharmaceutical companies and in other industries.
Aegis has about 40 full-time and contract employees, and “the idea is to keep the business in Boulder and fairly intact,” Accelrys CFO Michael Piraino told me during a phone interview earlier this afternoon. Aegis CEO Robert Di Scipio will stay with the merged company through the transition to new ownership.
About two-thirds of Accelrys’ customers are pharmaceutical and biotech companies, according to Piraino. The company also provides its software-as-a-service to customers specializing in oil & gas development, cleantech, food and beverage, and other industries.
The company’s statement quotes Accelrys CEO Max Carnecchia as saying, “The industries we serve are undergoing significant changes, requiring them to move from a status quo approach to one that breaks down the barriers to operational excellence, innovation productivity and global competitiveness.”
Accelrys says companies that operate in regulated environments are finding it difficult to manage complex manufacturing in real-time because they’re relying on paper notebooks and other outmoded tools to monitor R&D, quality assurance, and other industrial processes.
Accelrys says addressing such problems requires a global and holistic approach that enables businesses to predict, prevent, and solve problems throughout product development, quality control, and manufacturing process. Accelrys says that without the kind of cloud-based software it provides, companies risk compromising the quality of their products, falling out of regulatory compliance, slowing operations and increasing commercialization costs. Bruce V. Bigelow is the editor of Xconomy San Diego. You can e-mail him at

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