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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Protein modeling & Drug discovery training and Internship

We are bringing out a special program, due to huge no of enquirers and considering a special
demand by all to conduct a special batch of training on following topic

Area of training/Internship

Protein modeling & Drug discovery

Start date - 15th July

Emerging trend in healthcare and drug development is being appreciated and this success is being sound after a long dedicated research work on drug discovery, modeling & simulation. If you are giving a thought on finding novel drug, new molecules, we are here to help you. RASA has been very keen to give your research work a novel touch, providing few advanced skill set to you within a framed syllabus designed for you. 

What will you learn?

·        Give inside how receptor binds to ligand.
·        Help to find ligand activity.
·        Useful in structure based discovery.
·        Can do protein-protein interaction
·        Know more about protein-ligand interaction.
·        Hands on training on Gromacs right from installation to modeling and stimulation.
·        Contain both bioinformatics and chemo-informatics portion.
·        Good for who are looking to build career in chemical
·        Inside how protein behaves when surrounded by water.
·        E.g. Protein and ligand interaction in hydrophilic condition.
·        Docking will be performed by using Autovina.

Training features:

1) We have combined 2- 3 different Industrial training module to give you extra ordinary exposure within a limited period along with your projects

2) Selected courses are having free module as summer special additional training.

3) We are giving you a mini project to explore your learning and knowledge of entire training that will make you an independent learner and will make you ready for job.

4) Rasa Summer training will help you to build up your logic which will lead to develop new scientific ideas beyond your proximity
Duration: 1 month (Training +Project)
Last date for early bird registration
25th June
Early bird discount will be awarded
Registration deadline
6st July
15 Seat (on first come first serve basis )

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