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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research II

Previously blogging about Smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research discussed about the latest trends in literature abstraction, alert services and analysis tools. This time as a sequel check out one of the finest alert service using the web 2.0 technology. It is absolutely FREE! It is very simple, just visit the site and register. Almost immediately you are provided with a user-name and pw to access the alert service.

Smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research II

Talking about the development in the field of literature and scientific publication search. Looking beyond NLP some of the advancements and service models based on NLP and other advanced methods. Today to the user's delight there are quite a few companies and organization that provide services that absolutely make a scientist life easy!

These services revolve around customized alert services for selected search terms, specific research area of interest even more so pertaining to a list of custom key-word and search terms that the service providers allow the scientist to choose form. The scientist can simply subscribe to such service, sit back and wait for daily updates. The updates are provided on a day to day basis at his desktop.

A scientist gets abstract summarization, full text summarization so that he need not actually go through the ordeal of reading through pages of scientific literature. Some once else does the job for him and just pick up the right things that he would look for in such papers. It is a very interactive service where on a daily basis the user can keep track of the quality of the service and set it right so that he can make sure that he just gets the right things he ever wants and nothing else other than that.

Over and above the service is provided using cutting edge technology, attractive web interface. Such interface come in all colour with floating dockable modules which is easy to use and some smart tools too. These smart tools enable the user to track, analyze, visualize and develop relationships among blocks of data that is being provided as "lego blocks".

Check out this product, XTRACTOR™ the first of its kind - SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE alert service which also provides manually annotated sentences for the keywords of YOUR preference

  • Highly accurate, manually annotated sentences for given keywords.
  • Daily scientific literature updates at your desktop along with the extracted facts – manually curated.
  • Provision to change keywords with your changing research preferences
  • Annotated sentences and abstracts get stored in your profile, as and when they get updated in LITERATURE.
  • Classify and create your own datasets of annotated facts
  • Enhanced experiences of reading & analyzing literature
  • Access your profile/ datasets from anytime, anywhere
  • Discover and Create newer relations from scientific facts classified by the XTractor™ Community.
  • Tag your favorite abstracts/sentences and share them across other users
  • Much more faster and an Absolutely Free Service

Be a part of the XTractor community. XTractor is the first of its kind - Literature alert service, that provides manually curated and annotated sentences for the Keywords of user preference. XTractor maps the extracted entities (genes, processes, drugs, diseases etc) to multiple ontologies and enables customized report generation. With XTractor the sentences are categorized into biological significant relationships and it also provides the user with the ability to create his own database for a set of Key terms. Also the user could change the Keywords of preference from time to time, with changing research needs. The categorized sentences could then be tagged and shared across multiple users. Thus XTractor proves to be a platform for getting real-time highly accurate data along with the ability to Share and collaborate.

Sign up it's free, and takes less than a minute. Just click

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There are number of companies in India and bangalore is the forefront as a major bio-cluster with 20 to 30 companies in this sphere.

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