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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Entrez Gene outlink Integration for XTractor

Entrez gene is the most widely used data resource for Gene based information worldwide. To enable researchers to obtain high quality manually annotated information from XTractor when they search for a Gene on Entrez Gene, we are now providing direct links from Entrez Gene records to corresponding Gene Reports in XTractor.

To use this outlinked option- when in Entrez Gene, for any human gene select the “Link Out” option from the Display menu in Entrez Gene and click on the XTractor link. You will be taken directly to the XTractor graphical report for the Gene of interest and also manually annotated facts on the associated Diseases, Drugs and the Biological Processes for the Gene.

Entrez Outlink

XTractor Premium - A Platform for discovery, knowledge sharing, analysis and modelling of published biomedical facts.

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