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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5-Day Hands-on Workshop on Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

A 5-day workshop with hands-on training involving the following topics from molecular biology and bioinformatics. The workshop aims to equip its participants with the right kind of knowledge and tools required to practice 21st century biology.
The biology and bioinformatics contents are interwoven in such a manner that would help a molecular biologist to find solutions to real time problems in a lab and a bioinformatician to understand the laboratory aspects of bioinformatics.

Workshop Dates

17th - 21st May 2010
24th - 28th May 2010
14th -18th June 2010
26th - 30th July 2010
23rd - 27th Aug 2010
10th - 14th Jan 2011
16th - 20th May 2011

  • Recombinant DNA Technology: Cutting & pasting of DNA molecules (i.e. restriction digestion, ligation, DNA gel eectrophoresis, and gel extraction.) Bioinfo part: Bioinformatics of DNA database / SequenceAnalysis: Pairwise sequence alignment, Multiple sequence alignment, Pattern search.Tools: BLAST, CLUSTALW/X, CLC Bio Main Workbench
  • Genetic Engineering: Transformation and plasmid purification, cloning and sub-cloning, amplification of DNA fragments by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
    • Bioinfo part:
      • Designing of PCR primers
      • In-silico cloning
      • Searching for homologous and paralogous sequences
    • Tools: CLC Bio Main Workbench, BLAST
  • Genomics Data Visualization: Browsing and comparing human and mouse genomic data with the help of NCBI Genome viewer and UCSC Genome browser.
  • Basic Biostatistics for Molecular Biologist:
    • Data visualization and summarization techniques
    • Univariate and Bivariate data analysis

Rs. 6000/- (includes tea and food for 5 days). Oncampus accommodation charges extra @ Rs. 400/- per day per person. 
Please click here to register online or download the registration form from here.
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