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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pfizer Postdoctoral Program in Neuroscience

Pfizer Neuroscience Postdoctoral

Fellowship Program Based in scenic
Groton, Connecticut, the Pfizer Neuroscience Fellowship Program provides an
unparalled opportunity for young scientists interested in understanding
brain disorders and translating knowledge into innovative medicines. We
seek motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a demonstrated track record
in basic or translational neuroscience interested in pursuing an
academic-style postdoc in an industry setting. Successful candidates will
come from a range of backgrounds including molecular/cellular biology,
protein biochemistry, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, imaging,
systems neuroscience, animal models, and behavioral/cognitive neuroscience.

At Pfizer, there are extensive programs in molecular/cellular neuroscience,
synapse biology, and pharmacology. Moreover, there is a vibrant in vivo
electrophysiology program for cognition, extensive behavioral models,
imaging platforms, and essentially limitless access to chemical biology and
animal models. In addition, postdocs at Pfizer get exposed to the art and
science of drug discovery, with first hand ability to interact with programs
working to develop new medicines.

Applications are accepted throughout the year with reviews and interviews occurring in the fall and spring. For the fall review, applications are due October 1st and interviews will be conducted early in November. Candidates will be contacted by October 15th if they have been selected for an interview. The application deadline for the spring review will be April 1st and interviews will be scheduled in May. Interested candidates should apply at the link below, making sure to submit a resume and a summary of research interests (2-3 pages in length). In addition, please have three letters of recommendation emailed directly to Kate Yannacci at Details on the Pfizer Neuroscience Postdoctoral Program can be found at

Apply to the postdoc program:
Applications are reviewed on a regular basis and top candidates are invited to visit, present their research, and interview at Pfizer's Groton Research Campus. More extended descriptions of the interview process will be provided to the invited candidates at the time of invitation.

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