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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

De Novo Sequencing of Nonribosomal Peptides

While nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) are of tremendous pharmacological importance, there is currently no technology capable of high-throughput sequencing of NRPs. Difficulties in sequencing NRPs slow down the progress in elucidating the non-ribosomal genetic code and negatively affect various screening programs aimed at the discovery of natural compounds of medical importance. We propose to employ multi-stage mass-spectrometry (MS n ) for the data acquisition, followed by alignment-based heuristic algorithms for data analysis. Since mass spectrometry based analysis of NRPs is fast and inexpensive, this approach opens the possibility of high-throughput sequencing of many unknown NRPs accumulated in large screening programs.

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Life Science and Informatics

What is this?
is this a new industry?
or a old wine in a new bottle?

Well Life Sciences and Informatics can be anything form computational biology, all omes and omics, core bioinformatics to curation and literature mining, database creation, in the area of biology, chemistry , bio-chem space.

There are number of companies in India and bangalore is the forefront as a major bio-cluster with 20 to 30 companies in this sphere.

now how good are these companies doing?
how good are they in terms of the international markets and how profitable is their business?
what do they do?
their clients?

These are some interesting things that could be discussed in this blog page...

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